When is Leadership Training Important

  • Harness the high-performance potential of your company by establishing effective leadership skills and practices, as managers learn to lead within their
  • Attend to those managers who require outside assistance to improve capabilities, change ingrained practices, and adjust style according to your companies
  • Train all new and promoted managers to solidify your management’s


What Does Training Involve?

  • Prior to the program, each participant goes through our Performance Dynamics process of self-awareness. See our Assessment methodology for a detailed description of our assessment
  • In an interactive, one-on-one feedback session, the participant develops a newfound self-awareness of their behavioral

strengths, learns how to manage their personality more effectively, and gains an understanding of how their personality impacts others.


  • Throughout the program, each participant will constantly refer to and link their personality to the leadership issue being dis- cussed. This becomes their foundation for transitioning from manager to


Why Choose this Course?

  • Through Performance Dynamics, the behavioral and personality traits of your leadership are revealed and then applied towards leadership development. Your leaders learn to work within their
  • Self-awareness greatly increases leadership
  • Practical methods of leadership are not only discussed but also acquired through high-impact exercises. Any specific situations or concerns of the participants are also handled, leading to concrete improvements in your