Lean Awareness – White belt

This is a 1 day course for business owners, senior managers, staff managers, internal consultants, senior staff members, and anyone involved in strategic planning and/or the management of business process improvement activities.

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt

This is a 6 day course over two modules consisting of an initial detailed training of 3 days, followed by a further 3 days of project evaluation an examination and certification. The Green Belt training course is recommended for all those in an organisation who will lead small

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt (in house)

This Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is ideal for any business that wants to introduce process improvement measures. Over 10 days, we will equip your team with a strong understand-ing of both lean and six sigma principles. This course leads to certification and a consistently high standard of lean six sigma practice in your organisation. No previous experience is needed to attend. It can be adapted to focus on elements of your business, incorporating highly practical learning. In-company training enables you to adapt the training schedule to suit your own business calendar, minimising disruption and launching your process improvement initiative at an optimal time. By training your team in a group, you ensure consistent language, application, and standards of process improvement throughout the business.